NEW ORLEANS, LA  – Russell Doussan announced today the launch of his company, Doussan Music Group, or DMG presents, based out of Mandeville, Louisiana – a suburb of New Orleans.  The long-time promoter founded DMG in early 2021, in the wake of the music industry coming back online.  When asked what his driving motivation was to open his own promoter group Doussan stated, “Introducing each artist to their fans through the LIVE music experience is a passion of mine. As the artist hits the stage, feeling the energy in the room and hearing the venue come alive, is what drives me. Music is the soundtrack of our lives!”

DMG has already started the booking process with many agents and artists looking for a competitive edge to get them back on the road, and in front of their fans.  The company plans to have their first live shows in late summer/fall of 2021 where markets & states allow but are already working to fill the entirety of their 2022 calendar. DMG is fully funded with significant equity/ liquidity for the procurement and operation of multi-year tour deals as well as local artist bookings. The company is set up to fully finance and operate U.S. Tours with a primary focus on indoor venues as well as boutique amphitheaters, although they are expecting to book shows at all capacities (i.e. clubs, theatres, arenas, festivals, etc.). The primary territory of focus for “local artist booking” will be venues in Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas and Memphis, TN. 

Doussan’s staff includes seasoned music industry veterans in booking, marketing, ticketing, production, accounting, and VIP sales.  However, no one has more experience in the music industry than the owner/founder himself. Doussan entered the concert business by working for an independent promoter based in New Orleans from 2000-2003, then created, operated, and owned his independent promoter company from 2003-2014 producing over 1,600 concerts in 43 states over 11 years. Live Nation Entertainment acquired his company in 2014, establishing a foothold in the southern states by opening their Business Unit in New Orleans and keeping Doussan on as President to oversee all operations until 2020, when Covid-19 tore the very framework of the music industry apart. 

Knowing that live events would eventually return, Doussan set out to utilize his 11+ years of owning & operating his own company, plus spending 6 years with a publicly traded corporation for the greater good.  With his well-rounded background in the music industry, very few can compete with Doussan’s understanding of the artist, agent, and manager needs for optimum results and outcome for a performance.  And thus, DMG was born.

The primary office for DMG is located in the suburbs of New Orleans, LA, but they will also have satellite offices as the booking territory grows & the industry comes back in full force. 

For immediate booking information please reach out to;

Russell Doussan (
Meagan Dupre (

For more information on DMG please reach out to:  
Erica Rieke (

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